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House Co-Sponsorship Memoranda


Representatives Harper, Daniel Miller and Ed Gainey intend to introduce legislation that will establish the Ensuring People with Disabilities Can Become Taxpayers Act. Too often, students with disabilities graduate from high school “to the couch” in their parents’ home with little hope of entering the job market, or are placed in segregated settings with other people with disabilities where the taxpayer investment in their education is not fully realized. The unemployment rate for people with disabilities is estimated to be 14%, far in excess of the unemployment within the general population, and 80% of individuals with disabilities are not currently in the workforce. To read more about this proposed legislation, CLICK HERE.


Please ask your state representative to co-sponsor this important legislation that will help students with disabilities successfully transition to employment after school. Find your legislator here: http://www.legis.state.pa.us/cfdocs/legis/home/findyourlegislator/


Join our advocacy effort to change the future for young people with disabilities!


21 and Able needs your support. Please sign the petition:


“I believe that youth with disabilities should be given the resources necessary to successfully transition to adulthood. Transition is an un-funded mandate that needs support so that all school districts can provide the resources to ensure positive outcomes.”


Funding resources (Medicaid Waiver) for graduating students with disabilities are a first priority and must be allocated on an annual basis.


Employment should be the first option for students graduating from High School and opportunities for independent living through housing and transportation are vital to ensure participation in life to the fullest extent possible.


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